Prussian language belongs to the Baltic languages of the Indo-European family of languages. Inside of Baltic languages Prussian language belongs to the Western-Baltic languages. The language has a whole number of traits in common with Curonian language. Inside of Western-Baltic languages Prussian language is closely related to Sudovian (Yotvingian) language.

The quick online dictionary of Prussian language is in 6 languages: English, German, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and Russian.

You can search using a dictionary form that is using an infinitive or a noun in singular, nominative.

You can also search a part of the word or its ending or beginning.

Direction of translation (Prussian > your language or vice versa) is automatically detected.

Writing Prussian words without diacritics is possible in this way use Latin characters (instead of ā, ū, ī, ō use a, u, i, o).

Some words like wārskaits, Patals, anzans, etc. have a mythological description (that is attempt to create a Prussian dictionary of mythologemas). Numbers of such words will be increased.